Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Odd-eyed cat

Odd-eyed cat

I got surprised when I saw a strange cat a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time to see a cat with different eye color, blue and yellow. Then I searched information about this at the internet and I found that the cat called “odd-eyed cat”.

The odd-eyed coloring is caused when either the epistatic (dominant) white gene (which masks any other color genes and turns a cat completely white) or the white spotting gene (which is the gene responsible for bicolor and tuxedo cats) prevents melanin (pigment) granules from reaching one eye during development, resulting in a cat with one blue eye and one green, yellow, or brown eye. The condition only rarely occurs in cats that lack both the dominant white and the white spotting gene.(Source)

I took this picture when I accompanied my mother to a traditional market. I saw the cats cage in front of a material store.

Have you ever seen this kind of cat, Pals?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Menurutku foto ini cukup sesuai dengan tema tantangan kali ini, Renewal. Saat aku membuka pintu depan rumahku, aku melihat seekor kucing tetangga sedang tidur siang dengan damainya di atas pijakan depan pintu.

Rasanya aku perlu memperoleh kembali tenaga baru, melalui istirahat. Tampangku sudah kusut, kelopak mata mengantung akibat kesibukan kemarin. Tetapi, tetap saja godaan ngeblog itu ada. Blogwalking dulu aah… 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Actually that was my motorcycle. I named it “Beib”. It used to be mine. I owned it for about ten years. I thought ten years is a quite long time to have a motorcycle. Some people told me that the maintenance of an old motorcycle will cost much money. So, I decided to sell it. Too bad the price was too cheap.

Now, it’s no longer mine. I have a new one, an automatic. Alhamdulillah 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I took this picture in my niece’s college, last year. I loved the bridge and I tried to capture it including the view of a multifunctional building at the left side. But suddenly a college student walked on the bridge. I think this picture has become quite nice because of his appearance. I almost can feel the spirit of young student that wishing a bright future. 🙂

This is my “solitary“, what’s yours? :mrgreen:

Location: Mulawarman University, Samarinda.