Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Weekly Photo Challenge-Green

I’ve found so many ‘green‘ anywhere. (Clockwise) First picture is ‘nasi uduk’, a small portion of spiced rice with a little sliced fried egg and chili, wrapped with banana leaf. I took the picture at ‘pasar Ramadhan’ last year. Second picture is green chicken noodle. The noodle was made of flour and vegetables, so the colour was green. 

The third picture is black orchid. I was thinking that the colour of the flower might be totally black. Then I got surprised when it bloomed at my uncle’s garden. The colour of black orchid is green! 😀

The forth picture is one of ethnic bag that sold in East Kalimantan souvenir shop. It made of rattan with beads application details. The fifth picture is one of location in A.W. Syahranie Public Hospital in my city. This hospital became so green because there were many palm trees that planted there.


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

    • Mungkin cara membuatnya mirip sama dengan membuat cendol Ust, cuman cetakannya pakai cetakan Mie # mekso 😀

      Wah mau komen harus buka gugel translate dulu nih 😀

  1. hi..hi…, aku juga pernah terkecoh dengan sebutan anggrek hitam, anggrek khas Kalimantan,
    ternyata sebutan hitam itu dari sedikit warna dari kelopaknya

  2. Ngomong2 soal “Green” rasanya udah beberapa tahun ini aku dengar moto “KalTim Green”..

    Kira2 apa aktualisasi dari moto itu ya..Padahal tambang batu bara yang merusak lingkungan banyak di provinsi kita ini..

    Sorry kalo komennya OOT..

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